Serious Earthquake Protection

LifeGuards not only protect against the contents of the building, but they are specifically designed to handle even complete building collapse, on any floor.

Anatomy of an earthquake proof desk:


Western US buildings at high risk

Western US people at risk in vulnerable buildings

Number of companies that make a product that can protect you from these risks

I work in an area prone to earthquakes large enough to inflict serious damage to my office, my building and me.

As a partner in my firm, a wife and mother, this posed an unacceptable level of risk to those who care about and need me.

My LifeGuard puts us at ease knowing I have a very safe place to immediately go when these earthquakes happen. When I think about the day a big one happens, I now feel confident and empowered instead of helpless.

Pamela Grinter

Principal, Riddell Williams

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